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杉浦 節美(風の沢ミュージアム オーナー)

Kazenosawa Museum is a complex facility consisting of an art museum, a gallery, a cafe, and a hill park.

The Kazenosawa Museum in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture is a museum that makes the best use of old folk houses. This building is nearly 200 years old, but it was left unattended for many years and was about to decay, but it was drawn to the local area of ​​this land and restored with the scent of the previous life as much as possible. did.
By making the best use of this old folk house as an art museum, it would be a great pleasure if this land and building could resonate with the hearts of the visitors and think or think about something.

Setsumi Sugiura (Owner of Kazenosawa Museum)

From 2018, the director, Shigeya Mori, will play a central role in aiming for more public interest activities as a place of learning under the rural school concept.

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